Themes For a Girl’s Room

Once your little girl starts to grow up you are going to have to get rid of the baby designs. No matter how much you want them to stay little they are going to grow, and along with that growing comes the beginnings of opinions.

One theme that you can use in a little girl’s room is the Sugar and Spice theme. To create this kind of a room all you need to do is choose pretty colors, pastels are the ones chosen most often for a little girl’s room. Then you will simply need to select things that represent your little girl being a little girl. For example, you can choose butterflies or flowers as the design for the room or you can even combine the butterflies and flowers together to create a pretty garden. Once you choose the design, you need to stencil things onto the wall or choose a border to place around the painted room. Top everything off with some soft and pretty curtains.

Another cute theme for girls is an ocean themed room. To make this room you will need to have some blue and white paint, but you will also need a sandy colored carpet. To get ideas on the colors to use you will want to look at ocean themed wallpaper or even ocean themed furniture. What you will want to do is paint the walls a blue color, have the floor be the sand area of the beach, and paint the ceiling white for the clouds in the sky. You can also add some ocean borders around the room, and some gauzy styled curtains.

Angles, fairies, and elves are themes for girls that can be used for a wide variety of ages. You can use all three of these as one theme or you can choose only one. No matter which one you choose you will want to select light and airy colors, mainly the pastels. You will also want to select light and fluffy bedding and curtains to help create that girly look. Add some sparkle to the room by using glitter or even silver paint.

Flowers are another great theme for a girl’s bedroom. You can choose any kind of flower you want, but the brighter the colors you choose the better. When decorating the room you will want to find borders that are designed with the flower you have in mind, but that will also coordinate with the paint colors that you chose for the room.

Redecorating Your Little Girl’s Room for a Teen or Tween

When girls are little, lots of parents and caregivers like to decorate their rooms with pastel colors, like pink, lavender, pale yellow, and white. Many of the quilt and comforter sets offered for this age group feature these types of colors. Little girls love princesses, fairies, flowers, hearts, horses, and the like; and parents often love them too for their little girls’ rooms. Kind of a soft stepping-up from the baby years, with all that soft-color decor and pastel colors.

But as girls get older, their tastes change. Girls entering the tween and teen years might want something brighter and trendier. The easiest way to upgrade the room is probably to get a new comforter or quilt set; and there are lots to choose from.

Patterns for this age group tend towards more intense or darker colors rather than pastels, with bright or bold usually being the rule. Hearts and flowers are still popular, but this time they’re hot pink or neon orange instead of pastel pink or lavender. And let’s add peace signs, geometric patterns, and contrasting colors that pop. It’s sort of like retro 1960’s and 70’s with a cool modern twist.

If you decide to update the room to reflect your girl’s age, you might have to repaint the walls. Whether or not this is necessary depends on the color of the new bedding and the condition of the old paint job. If your new bed set has colors in the same family as the wall color, you probably don’t have to repaint, unless the walls are really beat up. For example, if the walls are pastel pink and you pick a bright pink and purple comforter, that will match. Or if you have pale yellow walls and your new comforter set is lime green, that will also work. Of course, white walls go with almost everything. It’s really up to you, and how much work you want to put into it.

You can get matching curtains, maybe some new posters, a few trendy accessories, and you’re good. She’ll be off and running.

Of course, this time your daughter will want to have a say as to what her new room will look like. When she was younger, you probably picked it, or at least gave her a few choices, all of which you were OK with. Now it may be time to back off and let her express herself; in fact, to encourage it. That’s what being a teen is all about. Her room should be a refuge for her, a place she loves to hang out in, where she can get away from the pressure of being a teen. So give her some choices and see what she’ll come up with. It’ll probably be great.

Redecorating is also a way to ritualize a new stage for both of you and celebrate her growing up. After all, it’s going to happen anyway; might as well go with the flow and have fun. So go for it, and enjoy your more grown-up girl!

Girls Room Decor Using Lace

Lace is very feminine so it’s perfect for girls room decor. It’s extremely inexpensive. It used to be popular in a lot of other decorating applications. However, there are a lot of different ways that you can bring this into a girl’s room.

Really the type of lace that you choose is going to determine whether your room feels elegant or country. If you want a country kind of look then go with a basic eyelet lace. These curtains and bedskirts are easy to find and quite inexpensive. You can coordinate it with almost anything.

You can find a lot of unconventional ways to use this very traditional material. It is so inexpensive. You can just find a lot of lace window curtains that you can repurpose into other pieces. For instance this could even be a simple solution to closets that don’t have doors on them. It can also be a way to make a very romantic looking canopy inexpensively. This is going to be a little bit more intricate and country feeling then the basic white sheer canopies that you see a lot of.

A more sophisticated lace is going to focus more on a netting kind of design style. It might just have very subtle floral accents. You can even find it in a black. You could do this as an overlay on some of your throw pillows. This is a great way to tone down really bright neon colors.

You can also use lace patterns in very unusual ways. In this case try a faux painting treatment where you lay lace against a piece of furniture and then spray paint over it. When you remove the lace the pattern remains. This can be a little bit difficult to achieve but with a little bit of practice you can add a lot of interest to your drawer fronts or a desktop. The one disadvantage to this is that when using spray paint it is very difficult to get an even application. It might be better suited just for use on small areas.