Redecorating Your Little Girl’s Room for a Teen or Tween

When girls are little, lots of parents and caregivers like to decorate their rooms with pastel colors, like pink, lavender, pale yellow, and white. Many of the quilt and comforter sets offered for this age group feature these types of colors. Little girls love princesses, fairies, flowers, hearts, horses, and the like; and parents often love them too for their little girls’ rooms. Kind of a soft stepping-up from the baby years, with all that soft-color decor and pastel colors.

But as girls get older, their tastes change. Girls entering the tween and teen years might want something brighter and trendier. The easiest way to upgrade the room is probably to get a new comforter or quilt set; and there are lots to choose from.

Patterns for this age group tend towards more intense or darker colors rather than pastels, with bright or bold usually being the rule. Hearts and flowers are still popular, but this time they’re hot pink or neon orange instead of pastel pink or lavender. And let’s add peace signs, geometric patterns, and contrasting colors that pop. It’s sort of like retro 1960’s and 70’s with a cool modern twist.

If you decide to update the room to reflect your girl’s age, you might have to repaint the walls. Whether or not this is necessary depends on the color of the new bedding and the condition of the old paint job. If your new bed set has colors in the same family as the wall color, you probably don’t have to repaint, unless the walls are really beat up. For example, if the walls are pastel pink and you pick a bright pink and purple comforter, that will match. Or if you have pale yellow walls and your new comforter set is lime green, that will also work. Of course, white walls go with almost everything. It’s really up to you, and how much work you want to put into it.

You can get matching curtains, maybe some new posters, a few trendy accessories, and you’re good. She’ll be off and running.

Of course, this time your daughter will want to have a say as to what her new room will look like. When she was younger, you probably picked it, or at least gave her a few choices, all of which you were OK with. Now it may be time to back off and let her express herself; in fact, to encourage it. That’s what being a teen is all about. Her room should be a refuge for her, a place she loves to hang out in, where she can get away from the pressure of being a teen. So give her some choices and see what she’ll come up with. It’ll probably be great.

Redecorating is also a way to ritualize a new stage for both of you and celebrate her growing up. After all, it’s going to happen anyway; might as well go with the flow and have fun. So go for it, and enjoy your more grown-up girl!

My Favorite Things – A Guide to Decorating Girls Rooms

Sugar and spice………..and everything nice. Girls know what they like and what they don’t like. When decorating a girl’s room, the collaboration between girls and their parents should balance the wants and the needs.

Girls are particularly fussy about their rooms. Color is of the utmost importance. Girls understand at an early age that color affects their feelings. Girls are also more prone to hosting sleepovers so it is important that their room is a positive reflection to other girls. Light hues in pink, purple and green are especially popular with girls. The trend this year is to add white to the classic colors. The themes for girl rooms tend to be more romanticized and more connected to nature.

A popular look draws inspiration from the ocean. Walls are painted watery blues to mimic the ocean, neutral or sand-colored flooring with clouds on the ceiling. Accessories such as seashells, bottles of sand, paintings, etc are abundant. A terrific addition would be an alarm clock that wakes her up to the sounds of the waves crashing onto shore or the sound of seagulls.

The next two themes are based on the night sky. The first theme is starlight. There are so many fabrics, wallpapers and bed linens with star patterns. A star quilt will compliment the décor.

The second theme is moonlight softly glowing in the night sky. This can be duplicated in a girl’s room by painting the ceiling midnight blue. Add a painted moon and stars. A moon and star quilt and window treatment along with a moon cutout headboard will complete the focus.

Flower power is always a popular theme for girls. The love affair of flowers starts when they are very young. Most girl drawings are of flowers. Girls love the bright and bold colors of colors: orange, sun yellow, lime green and watermelon pinks. They are many flower designs from the simple to the elaborate. Some of the accessories for the flower theme would be the flowery fabrics for valances, window seat pillows and comforters or quilts. Flowers can be painted on the walls or color photographs of flowers can be framed and hung. A complimentary theme is butterflies and bees.

Another favorite theme for girls and for parents is the cottage theme. For this décor theme, you can use a lot of second-hand furniture. Also the cottage theme is very easy because white is the main color with accents of pink, sky blue and pale green. Furniture such as dressers and tables are painted. Fabric choices include florals, stripes and ginghams.

Area rugs are an important accessory in a girl’s room. An ocean-theme room could have a muted blue or light green area rug or one detailed with a seashell. An area rug with stars, whether small stars, large stars, or a combination would work well in either the starlight or moonlight-themed room. Flowers, butterflies or pretty pastel area rugs would complement a cottage theme or a flower theme.

Allow girls to be part of decorating their bedroom. From the theme selection to purchasing the bed linens and accessories, girls should be involved in this process. You never know, your daughter could grow up to be the next Martha Stewart!

Ideas For Decorating A Girls Bedroom

If you have little girl, then sooner or later your going to be looking for ideas for decorating a girls bedroom because every little girl wants her room to be a special place that she loves to be in. Here some tips that might help you out.

Theme Bedrooms

One thing you might consider is going with a decorating theme. This is usually a character or certain type of thing your little girl likes. It could be something like Dora the Explorer, Hello Kitty or even a more general theme like ballerinas or animals.

Luckily, you can get girls bedding sets with these themes on them which will help pull the room together. What you want to do if this is the direction you’re going in, is find a bedding set that you really like and then paint the room one of the colors from the set. Now you don’t want to use the predominant color because I’ll be too much but pick one of the accent colors and use that on the walls. Look for accessories that match the scheme or the colors in the bedding to round out the room.

Color Focused Bedrooms

Another thing you might want to consider is opting for a particular color scheme that you can personalize for most any theme with accent pieces. This is a great idea if you don’t want to redecorate the room every year because you can just switch out the bedding and accent pieces and give it a totally different look.

If you are going to go with color, make sure that you choose a palette that your daughter will like well into her teens. You could paint all four walls the same color, or add a little interest by painting one wall a different color or even adding wallpaper. If you do go with wallpaper though you want to be sure you don’t add anything to specific that will box you into a certain theme.

Make sure that the rug is not the exact same color as the walls as this will be too monochromatic. Usually a darker colored rug is a good way to go especially in a kid’s room.

Budget Bedrooms

If you are like most parents, you’re probably on a budget which is why this is one of the most popular ideas for decorating a girls bedroom. Of course, like anything that saves money this method involves some leg work and elbow grease. First you’ll want to choose a color scheme for the room.

Getting furniture and artwork for the walls can be expensive but if you shop at secondhand stores you can get some really great stuff for pennies on the dollar. You’ll probably want to paint the furniture to match the color palette in the room and this way you can get mismatched pieces but make them seem like they match because they will all be the same color. Tie them together and add interest by replacing the knobs and handles with colorful interesting knobs.

Buy a nice bedding set to soften the room and give it added appeal. The bedding set might set you back a bit but the money that you are saving on the furniture and accessories will more than offset that.