Unique Children’s Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Your Unique Girl

Not all little girls adore Barbies, the color pink and frilly dresses. Perhaps your little girl has very definite ideas about what she likes and doesn’t like, what pleases her and what annoys her, how things should and shouldn’t be done. As a parent you love her individuality and strive to help her express her ideas, preferences and thoughts in her own unique way. A little girl’s room should be an expression of her personality as much as a cozy place for her to play, dream, love and laugh. So how do you decorate a unique little girl’s room? With unique children’s décor and accessories of course! Here are three unique ideas for decorating your unique little girl’s room. Other very individual girls have found the perfect decorations to complete their room in their own individual way and yours can too!

  • Divide and Conquer – A creative, unique girl might have several devoted interests with equal passion for each, making a room décor theme difficult to choose. Say your unique girl has equal zeal for zebras, butterflies and soccer. Try dividing her room into segments or stations and decorating that area for each particular interest. One corner can sport a soccer jersey hanging on the wall, a container stuffed full of soccer balls, a bookshelf with soccer ball bookends, soccer books and a soccer ball lamp. One wall might be decorated with zebra and other zoo animal art with zebra stuffed animals arranged on a black and white children’s rug. The window to her bedroom might be framed by stenciled butterflies. Beautiful framed butterfly artwork will give the room a happy and joyous feel. All her favorite interests can be showcased in her room in a delightful and pleasing way.
  • Mish-mash Bedding – Your unique girl will want to sleep in a unique bed with unique bedding. This is one area of your girl’s room that you have nearly unlimited options in choosing a design for her sheets, comforter, pillows and blankets. Perhaps she wants to express herself with more than one design. Perhaps she wants to compile all her favorite designs into her one bed. Let her! Try purchasing a sheet set of her favorite princess, a comforter with a space design, a pillow case set chalk full of zoo animals and retro-shaped decorative pillows. It may bother you as a parent that the entire ensemble doesn’t match, but your unique girl will adore it!
  • Mix-it-Up Wall Art – Instead of purchasing seven pieces of wall art depicting various princesses for your little girl’s room, try alternating her favorite scenes with colorful patterns and educational art. Large wall maps are educational as well as a great artwork centerpiece to give symmetry to smaller works. Try centering your main art on the wall and positioning the smaller pieces around it in a fun pattern. A truly unique girl might love her initials spelled out with her art pieces- two ways to express her identity on the same wall!

A unique girl deserves a unique bedroom decorated just for her. Help her celebrate the uniqueness that is so special inside her!

Girls Furniture – Which Canopy Bed is Right For You?

Buying furniture can be quite tricky — especially if you are buying it for a very important girl in your life. Let’s be honest, girls can be very picky when it comes to furniture. I can say that because I am a girl myself and I know how difficult it is to find girls furniture that fits my idea of what I want. As a mother of two little girls, I also know how they are filled with wonderment and of dreams of being a princess.

One of the easiest and fool-proof ways of making your little ones feel like the princess they really are is to purchase a canopy bed and get the feel of having theme furniture. But, which one is right for you, your little girl, and your family?

Canopy beds come in four variations:

  • Four Posts
  • Square-frame
  • Captain’s
  • Antique

Four post canopy beds are the most common choice when buying girls furniture. As the name suggests, four posts canopy beds have four posts in which a wooden (or wrought iron) frame is connected and provides the support. Four posts also provide the most versatility and longevity if chosen. The reason being, when your little girl grows up, she may feel tired of the “princess-feel” and want her room to look more mature. All you would need to do is disconnect the four posts and take down the canopy. In doing that, it will look like a regular bed adding more years to the time you may have the furniture.

Square-frames provide the most elegant look.. Again, as the name suggests, square-frame canopy beds have a square frame at the top of the four posts. The frame acts as the canopy you lay your chosen fabric from. Square-frames fit better with mature girls and adults due to the elegance. However, you can find ways to make it more playful by hanging decorations such as small pink lights or feathered garlands depending on your daughter’s age. If your husband (or wife) is away due to work or the military, you can hang pictures of them from the frame.

Captain’s canopy beds are perfect for smaller room and tight spaces. If you live in an apartment or just do not have enough room, this may be the solution for you. What differentiates a Captain’s bed from others is the built in drawers at the side of the bed. These drawers can fit anything from clothes to her favorite dolls and coloring books.

Antique canopy beds generally require the most maintenance and have elaborate carvings into dark-stained woods. You may be able to find a genuine antique but if you are mindful of the cost of owning one, it will be best to find an imitation. These beds will definitely give the feeling of belonging in the times of princesses and princes. They are regal and usually grandiose in size – not necessarily appropriate for pre-teenage girls and can have a “heavy” feeling in the wrong room.

As mothers, we are so mindful of girls furniture. What is best for her while not breaking the bank? How much room do I have? What will be best furniture to comfort her and make her feel secure? These are all questions we have run through our minds. However, it is no doubt that whichever one you choose – a canopy bed is right for any girl of any age.

Kids Ceiling Fans For Boys and Girls

Are you looking to enhance and update the look of your child’s room without spending a lot of time and money? A perfect solution would be to install a brand new decorative kids ceiling fan. This is a great way to instantly add visual appeal and functionality while capturing your child’s personality.

There are plenty of options available, so you will need to narrow down your choices based on price, theme, and size. Keep in mind that installation will be easier if you’re just replacing a ceiling fan that’s already in place. If this is the first time one is going to be installed in your child’s room, you will need to factor in the cost of electrical work. If you’re not an experienced electrician, you may need to hire an electrical contractor to complete the job.

Discuss themes with your child to include him or her in the process. This is a great way to teach your child good decision-making skills and he or she will enjoy helping you improve the bedroom. Explain the importance of budgets, pricing, and quality and take the time to go over all of the features the new fan will have. It’s a great learning opportunity and will help you bond with your child.

These days, there are so many themes that cater to both boys and girls. You certainly won’t be short on options when you begin your research. From sports to space and everything in between, you’ll have plenty of choices if you’re upgrading your boy’s room. Girls’ designs include animals, butterflies, Barbie, and many more to create a precious look for your little princess.

Kids ceiling fans are a great way to spice up your child’s room without breaking the bank. Your kid will enjoy helping to decide which fan is best and will love the new look of his or her room when it’s done. All it takes is a little bit of research and you’ll soon have a decorative addition your whole family can enjoy.