Girls Room Decor Using Lace

Lace is very feminine so it’s perfect for girls room decor. It’s extremely inexpensive. It used to be popular in a lot of other decorating applications. However, there are a lot of different ways that you can bring this into a girl’s room.

Really the type of lace that you choose is going to determine whether your room feels elegant or country. If you want a country kind of look then go with a basic eyelet lace. These curtains and bedskirts are easy to find and quite inexpensive. You can coordinate it with almost anything.

You can find a lot of unconventional ways to use this very traditional material. It is so inexpensive. You can just find a lot of lace window curtains that you can repurpose into other pieces. For instance this could even be a simple solution to closets that don’t have doors on them. It can also be a way to make a very romantic looking canopy inexpensively. This is going to be a little bit more intricate and country feeling then the basic white sheer canopies that you see a lot of.

A more sophisticated lace is going to focus more on a netting kind of design style. It might just have very subtle floral accents. You can even find it in a black. You could do this as an overlay on some of your throw pillows. This is a great way to tone down really bright neon colors.

You can also use lace patterns in very unusual ways. In this case try a faux painting treatment where you lay lace against a piece of furniture and then spray paint over it. When you remove the lace the pattern remains. This can be a little bit difficult to achieve but with a little bit of practice you can add a lot of interest to your drawer fronts or a desktop. The one disadvantage to this is that when using spray paint it is very difficult to get an even application. It might be better suited just for use on small areas.

How to Decorate a Teenage Girl’s Bedroom

When it comes to decorating a teenage girl bedroom the Internet is your shopping mall. First off, do some online window shopping for a little inspiration and see what’s available to coordinate the look and feel you want your girl room to have.

There are all sorts of things you can use to decorate a teenage girl bedroom. For instance, a pretty duvet with coordinating pillows can really bring a teenage girl’s room together.

Teenage girl bedroom decor items like a fashionable clock or a bulletin board covered with a matching fabric and some colorful push pins make great accessories.

The key is to coordinate your bedroom accessories with your walls, bedding and window treatments. If you’re on a tight budget consider eBay or check out consignment and thrift shops for some great bargains.
If your teenage bedroom is small you may want to consider open and airy colors like light green or pale pink which will add the illusion of size to your bedroom space. Bolder shades can be introduced through the use of accessory items.

Decorating with mirrors is another fun way of enlarging your teenage bedroom space. Consider hanging a vertical mirror horizontally on one wall (possibly over a dresser or desk for assisting your make-up application) and a second mirror vertically on another wall or inside your closet door (for use when getting dressed).

Make your window treatments fun. Use your wall and bedding color(s) for inspiration and incorporate different patterns and/or textures.

A throw rug is another great way of introducing pattern and texture and can really bring the colors in your teenage girl bedroom together.

Be sure that all task areas of your teenage bedroom are sufficiently lit e.g. above your desk, beside your bed (for night time reading), where you put on your make-up, near your full length mirror for dressing and finally, in your closet so you can find your clothes with ease.

Re-painting, re-finishing or simply stencilling your teenage bedroom furniture is a great way to give your existing kid room a more mature teen room feel.

Accessorizing your closet doors and dresser drawers with decorative knobs is also great way of updating the look of your teenage girl bedroom. An inexpensive alternative would be to re-paint or re-finish existing handles.

Choosing a Carpet For Kids’ Rooms

The choice of carpets on the market today is so great that you will easily find the kind of carpet that will perfectly fit your child’s room, making it cheerful and pleasant, and at the same time match the theme of the of the room. Carpets for children’s rooms are usually somewhat smaller and not so expensive, so you can give your child’s room that special touch at an affordable price.

Themed Carpet Patterns

You can easily find themed carpets for children’s rooms that will fit perfectly into a safari, pony or Barbie room theme. But not only that, today’s carpets are made in movie themes, educational themed rugs, and many other themes. Also the shape of the rug doesn’t have to be rectangular; rugs can be shaped like flowers, animals, vehicles…anything you can think of to kindle a child’s imagination.

Carpets for Girls Rooms

You can choose a carpet with castles and rainbows to create the atmosphere of a fairytale in the room. If your girl likes horses, a horse and pony themed carpet will emphasize that love. If you decide on a carpet without a picture, you can choose one that is bordered with flowers or dragonflies to emphasize that the room belongs to a little girl.

Carpets for Boys Rooms

There are kids’ rugs in almost all the popular themes, so the room of your boy can be vivified by a sport themed one or dinosaur themed one that will fit in the rest of the room decoration. If the bedding in the room is themed, try to match it with a proper carpet, otherwise let the carpet create the theme for the room that will delight your child.