Girls Furniture: Give Princely Comfort To Your Little Baby

When a girl is born, parents feel most ecstatic and excited and they want to savour occasion with all happiness and joy. As their little princess grows, they try everything to decorate the little one’s world with princely and beautiful décor. Girls have always been considered as beautiful dolls whom one should treat with softness and girly gestures. Therefore, decking up her room with specially created girls furniture will do justice to their dreamy like expectations.

Dressing up your girl’s Room with a Princess Look

It is true that girls will have various shades to their tastes and interests and if you want to match with their preferences then you will find a lot of hard work going into selecting the right pieces for their rooms. When it comes to dressing up their room in the right look and attitude, those fairy sagas and fanciful imagination unfold into a dreamy like reality. This leaves you millions of scopes to design the kid’s furniture, especially for girls in a fashion that you want.

Themes add beauty to a girl’s room. The colours that you choose for the fixtures need to be soft and elegant so that they look pretty to the eyes. Soft pink and peach are two most appealing colours that you cannot possibly forget. As far as theme is concerned, you can select a doll’s house and decorate it with ideas from the Barbie series. This will tickle the fancies of your girl and her dreams.

For further definition to the room, do bring out ideas on the furnishings like cushions and curtains. Use satin, lace, silk, and weave them into fanciful designs. This will look pretty when hung from the strings. Just imagine a castle room theme for the young woman and surely the cushions and curtains will do justice to the entire look.

When it comes to selecting the right bed, chairs, tables, cupboards for your little girl, you can look up to many options. Plan a beautiful looking study table and chair with your child’s favourite fairy designed on it. This is the trickiest way of encouraging you child to concentrate on studies. Not to forget, there are many other forms of seating arrangements like couch and chaise lounge. These provide comfort and relaxation so that your child indulges in the maximum pleasure.

Do adorn the upholsteries in coordinated colours so that they look elegant and most beautiful. Besides, take care of the fact that the upholsteries complement the colours of cushions and walls so that everything looks perfect and meticulous. Do not forget the shoes. Keep them in shoe racks so that the whole room look neat and clean.

Hence, if you can take the pain then you can truly transform your child’s room into a luxurious and fairy like abode

My Favorite Things – A Guide to Decorating Girls Rooms

Sugar and spice………..and everything nice. Girls know what they like and what they don’t like. When decorating a girl’s room, the collaboration between girls and their parents should balance the wants and the needs.

Girls are particularly fussy about their rooms. Color is of the utmost importance. Girls understand at an early age that color affects their feelings. Girls are also more prone to hosting sleepovers so it is important that their room is a positive reflection to other girls. Light hues in pink, purple and green are especially popular with girls. The trend this year is to add white to the classic colors. The themes for girl rooms tend to be more romanticized and more connected to nature.

A popular look draws inspiration from the ocean. Walls are painted watery blues to mimic the ocean, neutral or sand-colored flooring with clouds on the ceiling. Accessories such as seashells, bottles of sand, paintings, etc are abundant. A terrific addition would be an alarm clock that wakes her up to the sounds of the waves crashing onto shore or the sound of seagulls.

The next two themes are based on the night sky. The first theme is starlight. There are so many fabrics, wallpapers and bed linens with star patterns. A star quilt will compliment the décor.

The second theme is moonlight softly glowing in the night sky. This can be duplicated in a girl’s room by painting the ceiling midnight blue. Add a painted moon and stars. A moon and star quilt and window treatment along with a moon cutout headboard will complete the focus.

Flower power is always a popular theme for girls. The love affair of flowers starts when they are very young. Most girl drawings are of flowers. Girls love the bright and bold colors of colors: orange, sun yellow, lime green and watermelon pinks. They are many flower designs from the simple to the elaborate. Some of the accessories for the flower theme would be the flowery fabrics for valances, window seat pillows and comforters or quilts. Flowers can be painted on the walls or color photographs of flowers can be framed and hung. A complimentary theme is butterflies and bees.

Another favorite theme for girls and for parents is the cottage theme. For this décor theme, you can use a lot of second-hand furniture. Also the cottage theme is very easy because white is the main color with accents of pink, sky blue and pale green. Furniture such as dressers and tables are painted. Fabric choices include florals, stripes and ginghams.

Area rugs are an important accessory in a girl’s room. An ocean-theme room could have a muted blue or light green area rug or one detailed with a seashell. An area rug with stars, whether small stars, large stars, or a combination would work well in either the starlight or moonlight-themed room. Flowers, butterflies or pretty pastel area rugs would complement a cottage theme or a flower theme.

Allow girls to be part of decorating their bedroom. From the theme selection to purchasing the bed linens and accessories, girls should be involved in this process. You never know, your daughter could grow up to be the next Martha Stewart!

How to Create a Girl’s Bedroom That’s a Dream Come True

If you have an extraordinary little girl, why make her settle with an ordinary bedroom? Why not avail yourself (and her) of the magic of creative interior design and carpentry to come up with a custom theme bedroom based on the colors, fantasies, and accessories that she treasures? A room where she can bask in luxurious solitude and share with all her friends?

To make the most out of the available space in any girl’s bedroom, put your girl’s custom theme bed on the opposite side of the room from the door. This maximizes the amount of the room that can be used as play space. And if you make the lower portion of your custom fantasy theme beds into a play area, then it can open out nicely onto the rest of the room, making for one cohesive play space with subtle delineations of at least two “areas” for different types of play.

The other benefit of placing your child’s custom theme bed opposite the bedroom door is that you and your child’s other guardians have a clear and unobstructed sightline into the room to supervise and monitor her activity. Along similar lines, the best room of any house to turn into your little girl’s bedroom is one nearest to frequent grown-up activity. This makes it easy to hear your little girl and respond quickly when she calls for you.

Decorating your girl’s custom bedroom is easiest when you start with a centerpiece item, like a custom theme bed, and then design the rest of the bedroom décor around that piece, its color and theme. If it’s a pink custom castle bed, for example, then use shades of pink and complementary colors in the rest of the room (upholstery, wallpaper, floor coverings, window dressings, fabrics, custom bedding, etc.). And fill the room with images and designs appropriate for a medieval fairy tale storybook setting, such as a flag, coat of arms, princess dressing table, kingdom and village mural, red carpet, throne, etc. This is just one example of the creative ways you can turn any little girl’s passions into a custom theme bed and bedroom that delight her imagination and give her the sweetest of dreams and the deepest, soundest nights’ sleep.

Your little girl is no doubt your pride and joy. So when you think about the room she calls her own, the one she’ll remember for the rest of her life as room she grew up in, treat her to a space that can be her pride and joy. You’ll give her more than a dream come true, you’ll give her memories she can cherish for a lifetime.